Event: Learning Lab with Ron Maine

Net Impact invites you to join Ron Maine to investigate whether or not a more inclusive approach to opinions, attitudes and values can serve to enhance the sustainability of business enterprise.  Bring your ideas, your questions and your lunch!

Where: Antioch New England
40 Avon Street
Keene, NH 03431
Room E 101
When: Friday November 20, 2009
11am – 12:30
Contact: Chad Braden
(603) 998-4387

There will be a presentation followed by a participatory question and answer. This event is a Net Impact Learning Lab event that is open to all.

Ron will discuss his work using the PAME (Participatory analysis monitoring and evaluation) method. It offers new and promising ideas for appropriate and suustainable development. If flips the traditional top-down development approach to a bottom-up approach which encourages supports and strengthens community and organizational stakeholder’s existing abilities to identify their own needs, set their own objectives and monitor and evaluate them.

The most telling benefits of participatory approaches are realized during planning stages, providing a feeling of ownership and responsibility on the part of the stakeholders.  These adjustments, identified by the cooperating individuals/groups, may well serve to enhance both the acceptability and sustainability of the endeavor.

About Ron Maine:
Ron has 20 years of field experience as a fisheries training officer for the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).  He worked primarily in Asia and Africa, setting up and monitoring programs dedicated to training for sustainable fishing practices. Ron is an Adult and Extension Education Specialist now retired after serving 22 years in that capacity.  He received his MEd. from the University Of Rhode Island and his PRA Practitioners Training from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London, UK.


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