Sustainability Abroad: Students discuss Antioch’s study abroad trip to Sweden

On Saturday, December 17, the AUNE Net Impacters gathered at the Marriott in downtown Keene to share and reflect on the 2011 study abroad trip to Sweden. Several students who participated in Antioch’s first study abroad program shared their pictures, stories, and impressions from their 10-day Swedish adventure.

One student recalled the interesting trips to businesses and organizations that practice sustainability in new and interesting ways. The group visited many remarkable sites such as a facility that turns waste into biodiesel to generate energy and an eco-municipality with an integrated waste system. Another student reflected on how great it was to see sustainability in action and how far ahead the Swedes are in terms of waste management, energy efficiency, and natural resource protection. All students shared in the feelings of hope for what Sweden has accomplished and how the U.S. can catch up, but also shared the same eagerness to achieve the same level of sustainability at home.

The meeting also offered the chance for students to discuss this year’s upcoming study abroad trip to Peru. This experience will be vastly different from Sweden, but will shine a different light on what sustainability means in a developing part of the world. By exploring sustainability efforts and challenges in Peru, students will learn about corporate social responsibility through the lens of small business, multinational corporations, NGOs, and community enterprises. Some students who traveled to Sweden are also planning on participating in this year’s trip to Peru, and they see the trips as complementary learning experiences.

Interested in studying abroad with AUNE? There are still spots open to participate in the Peru trip. For anyone who is interested, visit the MBA website, and contact Polly Chandler with any questions. Come experience sustainability in Peru with us!

Shelley Raymond


2 Responses to Sustainability Abroad: Students discuss Antioch’s study abroad trip to Sweden

  1. pchandler725 says:

    Sweden was an amazing learning opportunity for all of us. We had the opportunity to see what is possible with a very different social-economic model. In addition, we were able to celebrate what the US has accomplished; particularly in area of local food production (not a big topic in Sweden yet). Peru will give us another opportunity to see sustainability through developing economic structures with complex social and cultural systems. Learning from fellow global citizens that are thinking for the common good is a wonderful way to see the edges of sustainability.

  2. pchandler725 says:

    I am going to be starting a research project on the importance of offering short term study abroad experiences for MBA adult learners. If anyone wants to help with this research project, let me know.

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