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Net Impact is a global organization for graduate business students, who want to use business to create a positive change in the world. Net Impact provides networking opportunities for students and business leaders that share a vision of progressive business. We are the Antioch University New England chapter of Net Impact.

The chapter’s board members for 2012 are:
Rosie Gallant and Becky Holt – co-leaders
Sarah McVicar – Community Impact representative
Shelley Raymond and Norma Chanis – Membership
Justin Nadeau– Technology
Ally King and Leon Cauthen – Communications


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  1. Jeff Allar says:

    Hi everyone,

    This is Jeff Allar and I lead HR for Stonyfield Farm in Londonderry. I am hoping that some of your members had the opportunity to see Gary Hirshberg, our CE-Yo at this years Net Impact conference. I am looking to build stronger connections with the Net Impact chapters in the region and would like to connect with your team to discuss how we can make that happen with Antioch. You have my email or my cell phone # is 603 490 5941. I look forward to talking to you.

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